Thursday, September 06, 2007

I HAVE A STASH!!!! OMG!!!!!!

I figured it was time to show off my "humble little stash" Ryk put the shelves up and "organized my yarn for me one evening not that long ago... I actually have enough yarn to say I actually have a "stash"!

Friday, February 02, 2007

KYOMS Progress Report:

working on Clue #2 here they are in all their droopy glory..LOL of course they don't look like much at this stage.. but at least you can see the colors and that I have been making progress.

Close up of the patterns... as you can see the mauve is a little thicker and thus the fabric is denser while the blue is more open.

A shot into the "center" of the shawl... at this point they look like drawstring purses... hmmm not a bad idea for making some....
In case anyone is wondering..The mauve is being worked with size 8 needles and the blue on size 6. Tthe pattern is 12 stitches wide so there is a stitch marker every 12 stitches.. makes easier to tell if I've made a mistake... if i have less than or more than 12 in each pattern repeat then I know that a mistake has been made and only have to deal with that ONE pattern repeat....Chenille makes a wonderful looking/feeling finished project... but can be murder trying to see stitch details and where one made a mistake...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Life hurts sometimes.....

I discovered January 22nd that I was pregnant... but on Thursday the 25th I now have another Angel Baby. Totally out of the blue surprise... as it has been 8 years since the last one and Drs had told me that I likely wouldn't conceive again.... boy do I have a habit of proving the Drs wrong... that's the same thing they said when I was 17... when I was 27 Viola!... suddenly I'm pregnant with my son who's now 8

On a brighter note... Tommorow "February 1st" will be Ryk and me; 1 year anniversary that we have been together as a couple... OMG!!.. One year already!!....

I'm attempting to make a couple of "PI" Shawls... following the clues from a Knit your own Mystery pi shawl. So far at the beginning of clue 3 and doing good.... of course I NEVER do anything easy...I always have to complicate things so I'm not just making one but making two *yes 2!* at the same time.. same patterns in each.. but changing the colors and yarn they are made from.....when I get both of them to the same point I will post pictures of my progress here... Finally going to be using some of that Chenille that's languising in my is being made from that mauve and the second one is being made out some of that Blueish looking chenille thats in the front of the stash pictures.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Things they are a changing!! .... been Busy busy busy... my how time flies when your busy....LOL

Survived christmas, got moved into our new apartment December 10th, underwent a heart catherization December 12 ALLS WELL! Everything went beautifully for that.. had a good christmas. Lately been working on a pair of fingerless gloves for my sister

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Busy Busy wonderful news yesterday...I get to go next wendesday the 15th for the orientation for the new housing program that means I've been Accepted!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

nahh..I'm excited about it...LOL....The pattern for the MIL scarf arrived last friday, I've casted on and accomplished just under 12"....24 more inches to go before I can start doing the fun part :D. Monday I casted on for R's knee warmer...doing it on a circular needle one strand of ostrich Boa and one strand of Black Aran fleck held together make for quick-mindless knitting..perfect project to keep in my knit traveling bag, accomplished several inches yesterday while waiting in Drs offices with DS...his cough had turned worse and I was glad I decided to take him in...bronchitis and possible borderline he's on antibiotics and inhaled steroid(Advair) to clear up the inflammation in the lungs.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Finished the first half of a pair of camo fingerless gloves yesterday afternoon...that's the problem with gloves...when you finish one you are still NOT finished...LOL

Ordered the pattern for the MIL scarf, going to use the Thinking of You pattern. Already have the yarn, now to wait so impatiently for the pattern to arrive so I can get started.

The other camo glove is calling me but since I have a "little" time before christmas and my fingers are itching for something fun and silky I think I will cast on for R's knee warmer today, that will be made from an eyelash yarn, sooo soft and silky and very "cushy" when knitted up :D

Friday, October 27, 2006

It's ALIVE part II !
The fingerless gloves were completed last night and R used them this morning. He is VERY VERY Happy with them! :D The pattern is the Hoorary for me gloves Immediately casted on another glove last night, this time in worsted weight yarn color Camoflage...this one is a slightly different pattern that I will be adapting slightly using features of the hoorary for me gloves that I liked. This new pair of gloves will be a X-mas present for MIL's boyfriend.