Thursday, November 09, 2006

Busy Busy wonderful news yesterday...I get to go next wendesday the 15th for the orientation for the new housing program that means I've been Accepted!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

nahh..I'm excited about it...LOL....The pattern for the MIL scarf arrived last friday, I've casted on and accomplished just under 12"....24 more inches to go before I can start doing the fun part :D. Monday I casted on for R's knee warmer...doing it on a circular needle one strand of ostrich Boa and one strand of Black Aran fleck held together make for quick-mindless knitting..perfect project to keep in my knit traveling bag, accomplished several inches yesterday while waiting in Drs offices with DS...his cough had turned worse and I was glad I decided to take him in...bronchitis and possible borderline he's on antibiotics and inhaled steroid(Advair) to clear up the inflammation in the lungs.

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