Friday, February 02, 2007

KYOMS Progress Report:

working on Clue #2 here they are in all their droopy glory..LOL of course they don't look like much at this stage.. but at least you can see the colors and that I have been making progress.

Close up of the patterns... as you can see the mauve is a little thicker and thus the fabric is denser while the blue is more open.

A shot into the "center" of the shawl... at this point they look like drawstring purses... hmmm not a bad idea for making some....
In case anyone is wondering..The mauve is being worked with size 8 needles and the blue on size 6. Tthe pattern is 12 stitches wide so there is a stitch marker every 12 stitches.. makes easier to tell if I've made a mistake... if i have less than or more than 12 in each pattern repeat then I know that a mistake has been made and only have to deal with that ONE pattern repeat....Chenille makes a wonderful looking/feeling finished project... but can be murder trying to see stitch details and where one made a mistake...


Spike said...

The blue looks scrumptious!

fleegle said...

Hi Twigs--
the pattern for the Black Widow Spider King center is basically the center for the Spider Queen, which you can purchase from Blackberry Ridge.

However, if you read the earlier entries, you'll see that I modified the center slightly and have abandoned the remainder of the shawl in favor of my own designs.

You can see a graph of the new Bouncing Spiders inner border in an earlier post. I haven't worked out the entire the outer border yet. Or knitted it, for that matter.

I have, however, graphed most of it. It isn't posted yet, and I won't post it until it is finished.